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Regular user questionnaire

We are asking the cooperation to this questionnaire of the visitor who purchased the Suntec-product. In addition ,this questionnaire is for asking a visitor's opinion and for being allowed to be useful to future better product development. It does not make trouble at all to a visitor. Please feel easy. Moreover, we will give a gift to all visitors that replied without all item leaks. –It is receiving also by the postcard enclosed for the product.

Please fill out the form below and click To Confirmation button to transmit your questionnaire.

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*We ask the following questionnnaires to reply after one-week or more use.
A)  Where did you get to know the Suntec-product?

B) When you purchased, did you compare with the product of the other company?

C) Please announnce the contents of an enterprise.
*Type of industry

*Number of shops
D) About what menu do you have an idea?
E) Please tell me the comment after use.
1. Operativity

2. Capability

3. What is the point you want to improve with the goods which purchased?

4. From now on, are there cooking apparatus to want to use and a menu to want to make? Since it may be easy, please enter.

5. In addition, if there is a noticed point, please enter.