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Sales Accessories List

Item name Model Name Category Relations
Belgian Waffle Advertisement Flags&Pop Belgian Waffle Advertisement Flags&Pop Belgian Waffle
Sales Accessories
MSP-100,MSP-200,SBW-100 Square Type,SBW-200 Square Type,SBW-100 4/4,SBW-200 4/4,SBW-100 3/4,SBW-200 3/4,SBW-100-4,SBW-200-4,SBW-300,SBW-400
Cafe Ball Flag & Pop (Poster) Cafe Ball Pop Original Type
Sales Accessories
Croissant Dounut (Chelky) POP Croissant Dounut (Chelky) POP Croissant & Danish(Chelky)
Sales Accessories