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May/27/1974 SUNTEC Co., Inc. was established to sell electronic components.
April/1976 Started to design, manufacture, and sell kitchen appliances.
November/01/1993 The kitchen appliance division was separated to establish an independent company, SUNTEC Co., Ltd.
January/21/2010 Head office is moved from Katushika-ku, Tokyo to Sumida-ku, Tokyo .
November/2013 Release start of Multi-Baker PRO (MSP-100/200) where a plate is exchangeable in one-touch .
February/2018 Concluded a license agreement for overseas sales with Hatco corporation in the United States.
May/2019 Hatco Corporation has started selling licensed products in North America under the SUNTEC-Hatco double brand.
July/2019 Acquired a warehouse and parking on the adjacent land.
December/2019 Establishment of corporate logo.